The Opinion That Matters About You, Is YOURS

Picture it, Sicily, 1942, We sat there at the dinner table. A family member had suffered a bit of an embarrassment- An embarrassment that could have related to her weight. Her boyfriend was being quite presumptuous about this even, insinuating that it was her weight that caused her this embarrassment rather than a clumsy act. As I sat, a fly on the wall, I realized that this comment might actually make her feel bad….THE NERVE! Of this stranger! This man was not the cream of the crop (I MIGHT ADD) and was making her feel bad about her weight?! Oh, my friend. You began dating this woman when she was this size, if not bigger, and I assure you, she can handle life quite alright without you. If she believes she is great, good, AMAZING then, by God, what you think about her is none of her business.
I realized that, if she believed she was beautiful, what anyone else in this world believed was absolutely fucking irrelevant. I saw this idea so clearly for her, so I put the thought to test in my own life. I’ve noticed myself trying to be different for every new person I met. So, I started asking myself these questions:
  1. Why does this ONE person’s opinion matter? Like, I’m glad you’ve realized your love for ______ and that I am not ______ but I wont be changing for you, random stranger. Bye. If you don’t want to be here, my ninja, GTFO.
  2. There are officially 3.5 billion other men out there that might think you’re just the right size. So, yeah.
  3. What makes someone so special that they can be like, “hmm, I don’t like how you look so I’m going to say something real rude and obvious.”- Ladies, I have been here too many times. Whether it was a man or a woman, those backhanded comments are real and you should not be interacting with people who speak that way to you. Again, bye.
I have tried ruthlessly to understand where this whole body positive view point lies in my life. Am I contributing to the obesity of future children because I encourage women to stop hating their bodies? Or, am I encouraging women to stop trying to fit the mold of “straight” size 00, super-models, and start LOVING themselves to health? Hmmm, I’m going to strive for the latter! And have a fucking donut bitch. Then do some weight training later. So you can fight off the THOTS.
-The Curvy Broke Girl

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