How I Created Happiness With Creative Visualization

I have finally come to a place where creative visualization adds that “umph” to my day. How I got here?

  1. I stopped listening to YouTube videos that told me to put on classical music. As much as I enjoy classical music, it doesn’t stir happiness and goosebumps quite like EDM does. So, I compiled a playlist of some of my favorite songs that have little to no “words” in them and did my visualizing to these songs. After I’m done, I feel PUMPED and ready to take on my day.
  2. I save my favorite songs for creative visualization. I only listen to them when I visualize and it has created this weird excitement that I’ve never had for visualizing before.
  3. I do guided mediations before I creatively visualize. It helps to settle my mind and get me in the right headspace for visualizing. I use “Headspace” for my guided meditations.
  4. I watched a couple of Youtube videos on how to make creative visualization easier. I watched this video and I recommend giving it a gander.
  5. I visualize once in the morning before I start my day and then once again before I go to bed.
  6. My nighttime creative visualization often includes the same images and situations as my morning visualization but I play “Children’s lullaby” music to get my mind in the right place for bed time. A lot of the time, I skip my nighttime visualization because the music just ain’t doin’ it for me. Need to figure something else out.
  7. One really important thing to remember about creative visualization is that It will probably be pretty hard to pull off in the beginning. I had such a hard time when I first started but I tried to not overwhelm myself with too much and just slowly increased. Worked like a charm.
  8. Try to picture the situations from your point of view as well as other’s point of view. I try to imagine how the light would be hitting my surroundings. What my surroundings might smell like, the people I’m talking to and the small details of their face. This actually makes it really intimate in the best way.
  9. I get real fucking technical. I try to picture all of the steps, not just the end game. Like, what did I have to do to purchase that plane ticket to Italy? What web browser am I using? What time of day is it? Who am I with? How does my body feel? Is it sore from a workout? Not only does this get me super pumped but it also creates a type of “to-do” list in my mind and gives my brain more to work with.

I hope you can wrestle your brain into creative visualizing because I cannot express how good I feel after I am done. Good luck to you on your visualizing journey.

-The Curvy Broke Girl



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