Being Body Positive In Your Day-To-Day

If you’re anything like me, you’ve likely carried an idea of what perfection is and chased after it for most of your adult life. And throughout the day, when you noticed exactly how imperfect you were, you would say some self-depricating thing that would slip out with literally no thought. I did that all day long and I was so bitchy because of it. When I started wising up and making my life more body positive, I noticed exactly how mean I was to myself and how incredibly harsh I was about my perceived flaws. It took a while but I got better. Ever since I began that process, I can safely say that I have far fewer shitty days. It’s because of this that I felt the need to share it with the world:

  1. When I decided to wear something it wasn’t, “Does my cellulite show too much in this?” and changed to, “Is this the look I’m going for today?”
  2. From, “My arms look fat” to, “My arms look like…..arms…?!?!”
  3. I went from, “I must spread cocoa butter all over my body so that I don’t get stretch marks just in case” to “My skin is so soft and exfoliated, and I feel like I’m taking care of myself.”
  4. From, “Does this lipstick look weird or too bold?” to “I am going to wear this lipstick regardless of what people think.”
  5. From, “Does my cellulite show in my workout pants?” to “I hope my ass looks extra fat today because this is my real, big ass and my real, big thighs and cellulite is what happens when fat stores in a specific area on an actual, unaltered, fat ass.”
  6. From, “I’m going to avoid being seen from my side so people don’t see my big nose” to, “My big nose is big and that’s that. I have a big nose because I’m middle-eastern. Because I’m middle-eastern, I have long eye-lashes, gorgeous eyebrows, full lips, beautiful brown eyes, a gorgeous first name, a gorgeous last name, a rich heritage, and other awesome things.” So, yeah, I have a big nose.
  7. From, “Will people judge me if I say this?” to, “Yes, they will. Expect it. Also expect that being transparent will help others.”
  8. From, “I’m going on a date with John” to, “Do I even like John? Does he treat me well? Am I attracted to him? Does he treat me with respect? Does he seem genuinely interested in getting to know me?” My dating game changed a whole lot. Celibacy is worth self-respect. I won’t settle for who I am sleeping with any longer.
  9. From, “Oh, fuck. I don’t want to take a selfie. My face is going to look all weird and turned around” to, “Oh, fuck. I don’t want to take selfies still.” Ha. Still working on it.

With love,

-The Curvy Broke Girl


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