**The following poem is written by my friend Jennifer Wolf. She owns all rights and should be contacted if content will be used at any time.**


I am more

More than that cat-call you don’t find insulting

More than the respect you don’t show me or yourself by thinking that I am just…

Just pale, tan, or dark skin

Just a pair of boobs

Just a set of legs

Just a sex symbol

I am more

More than the pitying, or harsh stares from other women

More than the self judgements, passed onto my shoulders, of another female while thinking I just…

Just can’t find the right man

Just look at her shorts

Just the color in my hair

Just a wife, a spinster, or a whore

We are more

More than the society that teaches us from birth to compete for a man instead of a degree

More than the additional 42% that we will pay to get a car fixed (even if we know what the problem is)

More than the 21% less annual income than we make, purely for the fact that we have vaginas

More than the blond jokes

More than “what were you wearing” questions

More than stereotypes

More than all of these things!

I am more than you see, or think, or judge me to be

But I am just…

Just a mess

Just a woman learning to love herself

Just a beautifully flawed being

Just me.

Jennifer Wolf- Facebook


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