Following Your Intuition

For a while there, I believed that intuition was nonsense. I thought people made up intuition to feel better about the decisions they made. I thought that people just got lucky sometimes and that most things were just a coincidence.

When I was younger, and less sure of myself, I would get an urge from my intuition, and would ignore it for one reason or another. I used to tell myself that I was just being anxious, overly cautious, or that I just needed to get over myself. For a long time, I never followed those “gut instincts” because I didn’t trust myself. This was very clear in the way I would seek answers to my problems from other people. It never occurred to me that I wouldn’t find the answer in another person. I should have considered looking for the answer within myself.

Thankfully, as the years have passed, and I have gained some experience, I have learned that trusting my gut is typically beneficial for me. There is a way to “tune in” to a guidance that will take you down a path of happiness. You will be lead to the things you never knew you needed and some of the things you definitely knew you needed. As I sit here thinking about the “random” miracles that have lead me to this happy place in my life, I started to think, “How could I quantify this experience and give it to others?” Well, I can really only tell the world about my journey to my intuition, zero-ing in on those urges, and following the path through the “next right step” method.

Step One- I would suggest, very simply, speaking to your inner-most self. Have a conversation with that person that you’re always talking to in your head. Not in the crazy, psychopath way, but rather, that inner dialogue? Yeah, ask it something real this time. I started saying out loud “I need help with this. I need guidance to the next right step.” I meant those words with every fiber of my being. I really wanted to be in-tune with the cosmic truth. I asked with a full-heart, very earnestly.

For a while, I still did what I wanted to do, and would only kind of, sort of listen to that urge. If it was out of whack with what I wanted, or I didn’t see how the urge fit into my life, I ignored it and thought for sure that this wasn’t what my intuition wanted for me. At these times my anxiety would feel high and I continued to feel lost. However, I kept asking for guidance to the next right step.

I know for sure that this method has at least some scientific backing. I have read of a similar strategy in Psycho-Cybernetics, a book about changing self-image. The author suggests that you write down those tough questions. You do your best to arrive at an answer yourself and then you leave the question for your brain to work on. The idea is to not force the answer, create panic, get anxious, and ruin other things while trying to find an answer to this question. After doing this for a while, you begin to build trust in this process. You begin to believe that your brain and intuition will lead you to the right answer.

My process:

I start by writing my question/issue down. I make sure I did everything I couldI write something I’m grateful for on the back of the paper, then place the paper in a clear jar I have on my desk. I never think about it again. I have faith that my brain will work on finding an answer for me.

Step two- I suggest that you do what work needs to be done. It’s easy to say “follow your intuition” and leave it at that but you will not see the results you want to see if you sit on your butt. Do the work. Ask yourself, “What is the next right step?” If the next right step is washing the dishes because they are piling up and are getting gross, then do that. Do whatever else needs to be done. Show the world, your inner-most self, and anyone else who might be paying attention, that you mean business and you are willing to work.

Step three- Service. Serve the people around you. Volunteer, help the neighbors out, go down to the local homeless shelter and dish out some food, CONNECT with your fellow humans and give. I heard this for so many years and thought it was a huge pile of dick sauce but I promise, it is the most important part. To sacrifice yourself and your time to help another, will bring you joy you never knew you could have. My intuition often prompts me to help someone and it is always right. I actually still really suck at this but I work on it every day. I serve others by listening to them, being patient with them, and loving them in any way I can.

Sooner than later, you will become more attuned with your intuition and your brain will work to bring you those things that you don’t quite have yet. So, give your brain something to work with and start allowing your intuition to take the spotlight.

With Love,

-The Curvy Broke Girl


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