Intentions vs. Affirmations and other “woo-woo” things

Ever heard of the term



It generally refers to someone that:

Does Chakra work

Wears “robes” and headbands made out of hemp

Believes in vibrational matches

Only smokes Sativa when Saturn is in retrograde

Wears Patchouli oil as deodorant

and saves for Burning Man by living in their parents basement.

My mom lovingly refers to them as “Granola Girls” and “Losers.” (She’s just jealous.)

The Grouch prefers “Dreadlocked Thespians.” (He’s also jealous.)

Whatever you want to call them, I been feeling a little “woo-woo” myself and I want to explain why.

(No, I haven’t switched to Patchouli deodorant. I ain’t no killuh, but don’t push me.)

I have become an avid “visualizer” and enjoy long bouts of meditation before and after. When I rejoin the real, less-enlightened, little people of the world, I indulge in a little bragging about how much more mindful I am. Soon, I’ll be astral projecting and reading minds. My mentor laughed at me when I said, “Oh. Yeah. I been feeling great. My meditation is amazing. I’m getting so good.” He replied, “Clearly feeling humble, as well.”

(I’m sure he eye-rolled so hard.)

All jokes aside, I am actually really happy that I have incorporated these “woo-woo” things into my life. I have had the hardest time with them in the past and it’s nice to see that small changes, over a long period of time, can actually pay off.

I started researching creative visualization and the science behind it a few months ago and once again furthering my research very recently. I looked up questions like, “why does creative visualization work?” and “What happens when you visualize?” I had a bit of a “break through” in my visualizing and it changed the experience entirely. I wanted to understand what was going on in my brain when I was having these goosebump-y moments.

After researching visualization, I thought it would be a good idea to look into affirmations as well.

I had struggled to regularly incorporate positive affirmations in my life as they were something that I had to sit and read with intention. Often times, I would forget and I wasn’t able to make a habit. They sat in my phone until I decided to pay attention to them while I was bored on the toilet.

After researching, I found that affirmations are a bit controversial. Some say that positive affirmations have adverse effects as they often inspire negative feelings when the person saying them holds beliefs about themselves that are contradictory to the statement. It was weird to me because, I had always felt really good after stating my affirmations. Why were others having a hard time with it?

After letting the idea incubate in my mind, I realized something. I was not affirming to myself or making a statement. Rather, I was stating that it was my intention to incorporate this value, attitude, or positivity into my life. This left me room to:

  1. Believe that I was not quite there yet
  2. Continue to grow towards it and…
  3. Not feel guilty when I wasn’t perfect

When setting an intention you are letting yourself know, “Yeah, this is something that I value and I want to work towards. I want this to be a part of my daily life. I will allow myself to mess up sometimes but I will never forget that this is what I am working towards.”


“I am successful”


“I am working towards success every day and believe that I can”

If you change an affirmation to meet this “intention” criteria, you will see that it still inspires good feelings and growth but also that it allows you some room to breathe. We are all growing humans just trying to be the best we can be. We often strive for perfection when really all we need is progress. Taking a small step in the right direction is still a step in the right direction.

So cut ya self some slack, write down some intentions, and get some “woo-woo” in ya life.

With Love,

The Curvy Broke Girl


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